want a taste?

i just uploaded a selectively-mixed teaser for "Dormanant" onto Soundcloud! as the recording process continues, i'm really enjoying soloing different instruments i've already captured and listening to the ways in which each piece plays off of the anothers. this little clip is the perfect example of one of those experiments. in the full recorded version of the song, there's a full drum kit, tablas, acoustic guitar, rhodes piano, and a couple glissando-heavy drone parts. this mix, it's just the main Rhodes, the acoustic guitar, and the tablas which gives the part a very cool vibe. i'll probably post little teases to a couple other songs in the coming weeks to whet your appetites for the official release! so far, i've only got a handful of tracks left to record here at home before heading to a new space to record all the electric guitar parts! i'll keep you posted with updates, photos of the process, and various whatnot. thanks, as always, to those of you out there who are listening and reading! i can't wait for you to hear what i'm working up!

ps. if you want to hear the Dormanant teaser, click on the Soundcloud link at the top of this page or follow this link directly. https://soundcloud.com/dearwoodlandcreatures/dormanant-teaser. thanks!

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