From our infancy, music has bound us together. It was our first communion, our first dialogue, and our first form of expression. And from those early moments, we evolved. And we expanded, carrying our music across the planet inspiring, affecting, and challenging each new culture that took root. It is within these traditions that Dear Woodland Creatures exists. Culling influence from the listless beauty of the American desert, the high lonesome ache of the Appalachian mountains, the ancient temples of South and East Asia, and even the echoing expanse of the Mongolian plains, Dear Woodland Creatures--the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and composer Joshua Washburn--fuses these seemingly disparate styles into it's own kind of psychedelic and experimental music. Every Dear Woodland Creatures song and performance is an exercise in the evocative, meditative, and cathartic power of music. They are hymns, stripped of their religious context and reintroduced as catalysts for the most primordial of human instincts. Through them, Dear Woodland Creatures seeks to connect and commune with its listeners, its surroundings, and itself.