album update!

hey everyone! i've been working hard recording my first album, Songs and Sacred Rites. nearly all the percussion is done--standard drums, sure, but there's also taiko drums, tablas, a Viking War Drum, and lots of treated or experimental percussion stuff. i'm maybe halfway done recording all the Rhodes parts, wrapped the organ parts, and have been doing some really useful experiments with the vocals to find out just how i want them to sound. it's really coming together and i'm getting really excited about the results! i hope you are too. i'll be posting a short teaser video of the recording process next week so be sure to swing back by and check it out. thank you, as always, for listening to, engaging with, and supporting me and Dear Woodland Creatures. i'm having a ton of fun being on this journey and knowing that it excites others is just fuel to the creative fire! take care!

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