happy new year! updates and more!

a belated welcome to 2015, everyone! with the new year has come a reaffirmed enthusiasm for Dear Woodland Creatures and a renewed sense of purpose for all things DWC. as of today, i have officially wrapped all recording of Songs and Sacred Rites! the last few vocals were finalized, a couple additional drum tracks were recorded, and a couple little bits of candy were added to make this album the single greatest collection of recordings to which i have yet to dedicate myself. i cannot wait for you all to hear it!! it touches on all the little microcosms of influence that've made me the musician and composer i am (at the time of this writing anyway!). everything from ambient jazz to stoner rock to bluegrass, psychedelia, experimental noise, blues and, of course, the traditional folk musics of so many places in the world that have served as my inspiration for this project from the beginning! if that sounds like a disparate collection of sounds and textures, just wait until you've heard the finished product!

i'll be hunkering down in the coming weeks and saving my pennies so i can get this thing mixed and mastered with my friend, the stupidly talented and imitable Randy Garcia, as well as getting some serious merch locked and loaded. i'm working with a couple fantastic graphic artists to determine the perfect visual expression for my music as well as with some great local Atlanta printing shops to develop concepts for CD design, T-shirts, stickers, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! of course, once the album is in the can, it will also be available to purchase via the usual Internet channels.

after that, the only left to do is to GIG!! i'll be looking to book shows starting this Spring in my home city as well as the regional areas that have always been my favorite places to play. Macon, Columbus, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Montgomery, Mobile, Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, New Orleans, Shreveport--cities i am looking forward to seeing again (as well as cities of which i have yet to be the recipient of your hospitality), get ready for me! this year is going to be a busy one and i can't wait to present the fruits of my labor, to learn every day, and to meet people who are willing to be enriched or challenged by Dear Woodland Creatures!

keep an eye on the blog, folks, for upcoming news as to an official release date, a CD release show, and any news on any out-of-town shows. i'll be posting little teases as the album gets mixed and mastered and will announce a couple contests for cool swag as i get it! also, in the coming weeks, i'll be posting a comprehensive look at the rig--the beast that makes performing this music possible! thanks, as always, for looking, for listening, and for supporting me on this journey. i can't wait to take the next step with you! take care, and have a great 2015!

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