some days ya got it, and some days ya don't...

so yesterday was pretty frustrating. i had the day off and planned on using the time and the time by myself to knock out all the acoustic parts for Songs and Sacred Rites. 10 or so hours later and i had done more troubleshooting than recording and ended up with one take of one song that i was happy with. it was, to say the least, a challenge and an exercise in discipline and patience. today i decided that, instead of giving it a day or so (which is my usual M.O. and lets me refocus and process what i have), i just went for it. deleting all but the one track i was happy with, and spend another 5 or so hours in the studio space hammering away. the result, i'm pleased to say, is great! i was able to concretize my parts and play them tonefully, passionately, and precisely! another tiny hurdle conquered on this journey towards an album and an expression that is uniquely and wholly my own. i'm working on the little movie clip i promised also--i've selected a bit of backing music and i'm just sorting through the little clips from recording sessions to find the ones i like the best. hopefully i'll have it done soon! thanks for stopping by, and i'll post another update soon!

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